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The IBC Green uses less plastic than similar rigid plastic IBCs, resulting in lower up-front cost on packaging.  Because IBC Green is also lighter by design, shipping cost will be reduced and taking advantage of the IBC Green Recycle Program eliminates return freight cost.
Sound Construction
Combining the superior strength of a square tubular design and a four-point welding process at each cross bar, IBC North America has created a cage that provides sound stability.  Combined with a poly outer liner and Metallocene LLDPE 3-ply inner liner, the IBC Green is an excellent choice for the storage and shipping of non-hazardous, non-regulated bulk liquid.
The IBC Green arrives ready to use.  No need to unfold, set-up, install a valve or score the inner liner.
Yes, it's the color of the package, but it's about environmental awareness and reducing greenhouse emissions.  IBC Green uses less plastic than other rigid plastic IBCs.  This means less energy is used in plastic manufacturing and less plastic is introduced to landfills.  The IBC Green Return Program is available for responsible recycling.  See more information on on Environmental Impact page.
The IBC Green uses a 40" x 48" footprint which allows it to stack with other Intermediate Bulk Containers of similar type.
Our team of Region Sales Managers, Customer Service Representatives and IBC Green Return Coordinators are here to help.  Contact us by clicking here or call Customer Service at
(251) 947-2350.
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IBC Green Product Overview
The IBC Green can provide you with that competitive edge you are looking for.  This revolutionary Intermediate Bulk Container costs less than similar rigid IBCs, easier to use than similar liner-in-a-box designs, and can help you achieve "green" initiatives.

The IBC Green starts with a superior designed cage you have come to expect from IBC North America.  Our square tubular cage utilizes a four-point electro-welding process at each cross bar and the zinc coated tubes reduce rusting and discoloration.  Pallet options include wood, steel and plastic. 

The real ingenuity is IBC Green's liner system.  It starts with a heavy-duty woven polypropylene outer liner.  The inner liner is a 3-ply Metallocene LLDPE material with a 6" or 2" top fill opening.  The bottom discharge works with the molded valve mount and allows the unit to be shipped ready-to-be-used.  No need to score the liner or pull the liner through the valve: just open the valve to empty.

The IBC Green can also help your company meet its "Green Initiatives".  The packaging itself uses less plastic than traditional rigid IBCs.  Using less plastic means less energy was used in producing raw materials.  And when it is time to dispose of the product, less plastic is reaching the landfill.  The liners outer 2 plys can also be recycled, reducing carbon footprint even further.  And if your looking for a responsible recycling program, the IBC Green Recycling Program is the answer.

IBC Green - Reduce...Reuse...Recycle
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